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Base Classes

Alerian Cryomancer (arcane): Masters are manipulating cold and ice.

Arcanist (arcane): Arcanists are masters or primal magical forces which can be harnessed to grant the arcanist extraordinary and supernatural abilities.

Dragon Warriors (specialist): Beings that have been trained by dragons or have otherwise learned their secrets and taken on dragon-like traits to do combat.

Sky Lords (arcane): Sky lords are elementalists that rule the skys, they command the forces of Air and Electricity.

Summoner (arcane): Summoners are experts at summoning creatures—Fey, Outsiders, and Undead—to do their bidding, they are even capable of summoning unique beings to do battle for them.

Tharian Pyromancer (arcane): Masters at manipulating fire.

Prestige Classes

Dragon Slayer (specialist): Dragon slayers are specialized in fighting dragons though their abilities are effective against a number of other magical beings as well.

Elemental Savant v1 (arcane): A class that specialzies in one particular element and gains abilities relating to their chosen element such as enhanced caster level.

Elemental Savant v2 (arcane): A variant of the Elemental Savant v1 prestige class

Shadow Savant (arcane): Shadow savants specialize in the use and manipulation of shadows and darkness.

Talrathian Mage (arcane): A talrathian mage—also commonly referred to as hunter mages–are experts at hunting magical beings, they can more easily overcome spell resistances and paralyze their prey by lacing their spells with paralyzing energy.