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Dragon Warriors

Dragon warriors can come to exist in a number of ways, the most common method is for a mortal to have been taken in by a dragon to be raised and trained by them.

Those dragon warriors that have been raised and trained by a dragon are usually trained to be a servant of the dragon, protecting the dragons lair, acting as a representative of the dragon at meetings with other beings, or in some cases the dragon simply t rained them to help cure the dragons boredom as the years pass by.

Alignment: Any.

Hit Dice: d8.

Class Skills

The Dragon Warriors class skills are Acrobatics (Dex), Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Climb (S), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Fly (Dex), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (All) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Stealth (Dex), Survival (Wis), Swim (S), Use Magic Device (Cha)

Skill Ranks per Level: 4+ Int modifier.

Table: Dragon Warriors
LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecialBreath WeaponDragon EssencesSpells KnownMaximum Spell Level
1st+0+2+0+2Bite (1), breath weapon, dragon transformation (lesser), dragon ability, dragon essences, dragon type, spells1d6631
2nd+1+3+0+3Fear immunity 1231
3rd+2+3+1+3Dragon ability2d61831
4th+3+4+1+4Sleep immunity 2442
5th+3+4+1+4Dragon ability3d63042
6th+4+5+2+5Claws(2) 3653
7th+5+5+2+5Dragon ability4d64253
8th+6/+1+6+2+6Paralysis immunity 4864
9th+6/+1+6+3+6Dragon ability5d65464
10th+7/+2+7+3+7Tail slap (1) 6075
11th+8/+3+7+3+7Dragon ability6d66675
12th+9/+4+8+4+8Blindsense 30 ft. 7286
13th+9/+4+8+4+8Dragon ability7d67886
14th+10/+5+9+4+9Wings (2) 8497
15th+11/+6/+1+9+5+9Dragon ability8d69097
16th+12/+7/+2+10+5+10Immunity 96108
17th+12/+7/+2+10+5+10Dragon ability9d6102108
18th+13/+8/+3+11+6+11Spell resistance 108119
19th+14/+9/+4+11+6+11Dragon ability10d6114119
20th+15/+10/+5+12+6+12Dragon transformation 120129

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the dragon warrior.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Dragon warriors are proficient with all simple weapons and two martial weapons of their choice. They are not proficient with any armor or shields and in-fact many shun armor altogether as their interferes with their spellcasting abilities. The only known instances of a dragon warrior wearing armor has been when it has been dragon crafted armor, such as armor made from dragon scales. Any armor created for a dragon warrior costs 1.5x the normal price as it must be specially fitted to the dragon warriors body.

Breath Weapon (Su): Dragon warriors possess a breath weapon that they can use freely every 1d4 rounds. Each dragon warrior possesses their own unique breath weapon(s) detailed in their dragon type section that lists the breath weapons damage type(s), area, range, and other special effects. The damage that the breath weapon(s) deal is listed on Table: Dragon Warrior. Unless otherwise noted in an individual breath weapon entry, creatures caught within the breath weapon(s) area are allowed a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 Dragon Warrior class level + Constitution modifier).

  • Line: 10 feet long + 10 feet/dragon warrior class level. Lines are 5 feet wide.
  • Cone: 10 feet long + 5 feet/dragon warrior class level

Bite: The dragon warrior can perform a bite attack. This is a primary natural attack that deals damage depending on the dragon warriors size plus 1-1/2 times the dragon warriors Strength modifier.

Dragon Essences: Dragon warriors do not possess spells per day, instead they possess dragon essences that they use to cast their spells. Casting a dragon warrior spell requires that the dragon warrior temporarily spend 1 dragon essence per spell level—0-level spells are free to cast—, this temporarily consumes the dragon essence. Used dragon essences are restored after 8 hours of uninterrupted rest. Dragon warriors gain a number of bonus dragon essences depending on their dragon warrior level and their Constitution score (see Table: Bonus Dragon Essence by Dragon Warrior Level).

Spell Affinity: Each dragon warrior possesses an affinity to an extremely limited number of spells, these are spells that their dragon type can use as spell-like abilities. If the dragon warrior chooses to learn one of these spells as a known spell then the dragon essences required to cast that spell are reduced by half (1st level spells affected by this require 0 dragon essences to cast). This reduction in casting cost does not lower the cost of metaessence feats applied to these spells.

Table: Bonus Dragon Essence by Dragon Warrior Level
 Constitution Score

Spells: Dragon warriors possess a number of spells known (see Table: Dragon Warrior) that they can cast by temporarily spending their dragon essences (see Dragon Essence). A dragon warrior can spontaneously cast any spell they know by paying the appropriate amount of dragon essences. To learn and cast a spell, a dragon warrior must have a Charisma score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a dragon warrior's spell is 10 + the spell level + the dragon warrior's Charisma modifier. A dragon warrior does not gain bonus spells known for possessing a high Charisma score. A dragon warrior's spells are cast as arcane spells that are drawn primarily from the sorcerer/wizard spell list.

Spell Affinity: A dragon warrior can choose to learn a spell that that possess an affinity for regardless of what spell list it is drawn from. Spell affinity’s are listed under each dragon warrior type entry.

Dragon Transformation, Lesser (Ex): The dragon warrior has begun their draconic transformation and gains the following benefits at first level:

  • — Darkvision 60 ft.
  • Low-light vision: The dragon warrior can see four times as well as a human in low-light conditions and twice as well in normal light.
  • Energy Resistance (Ex): The dragon warrior gains resistance 10 + dragon warrior class level to the same type of energy as their dragon type is immune to (see Table: Dragon Subtypes, Immunities, & Resistances).
  • Natural Armor (Ex): The dragon warrior possesses natural armor the same as a true dragon, the more powerful that a dragon warrior becomes the harder their scales become and their natural armor increases. The dragon warrior possesses 1 point of natural armor for each dragon warrior class level they possess.

Table: Dragon Subtypes, Immunities, & Resistances
Dragon TypeSubtypeImmunity/Resistance
Fire DragonFireFire
Forest DragonEarthAcid, Earth
Ice DragonColdCold & Ice
Mountain DragonEarthAcid, Earth
Swamp DragonWaterAcid, Water
Water DragonWaterWater, Cold

Dragon Type: At first level all dragon warriors must select a type of dragon, this selection affects the many of the dragon warriors abilities such as breath weapon type, dragon ability selection, energy resistance, etc.

  • Forest Dragon
  • — Fire Dragon (pending)
  • — Ice Dragon (pending)
  • — Mountain Dragon (pending)
  • — Sky Dragon (pending)
  • — Swamp Dragon (pending)
  • — Water Dragon (pending)

Dragon Ability: At 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, and 19th levels a dragon warrior gains an ability dependant upon their dragon type (see Dragon Type & Dragon Abilities).

Fear Immunity (Ex): Dragon warriors are immune to fear.

Sleep Immunity (Ex): Dragon warriors are immune to sleep effects.

Claws (2) (Ex): In addition to their bite attack a dragon warrior can now perform 2 claw attacks. These are primary attacks that deal damage depending on the dragon warriors size plus the dragon warriors strength bonus.

Immunity to Paralysis (Ex): The dragon warrior is immune to Paralysis.

Draconic Hunger (Ex): Like a true dragon, the dragon warrior can consume nearly anything to satisfy their hunger and they rarely need to eat except for pleasure. The dragon warrior can consume anything a true dragon can and not suffer any side effects from doing so except for natural ones—such as from consuming poisons—. Draconic Hunger lowers the dragon warriors food requirements to only needing to eat a single meal every 2 weeks.

Tail Slap (1): In addition to their bite and 2 claw attacks, a dragon warrior can now perform a tail slap attack. This is a secondary attack that deals damage depending on the dragon warriors size plus 1-1/2 times the dragon warriors Strength bonus.

Blindsense (Ex): The dragon warrior gains blindsense 30 feet.

Wings (2) (Ex): A dragon warrior grows a pair of wings, this allows them to fly at a speed equal to their base land speed with poor manoeuvrability and perform 2 wing attacks. These are secondary attacks that deal damage depending on the dragon warriors size plus 1/2 the dragon warriors Strength bonus.

Immunity (Ex): The dragon warrior gains an immunity(s) depending on their dragon type (see Table: Dragon Subtypes, Immunities, & Resistances).

Spell Resistance (Ex): A dragon warrior gains spell resistance equal to their dragon warrior class level +10. In order to affect the dragon warrior with a spell, a spellcaster must get a result on a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) that equals or exceeds the dragon warrior's spell resistance.

Dragon Transformation (Ex): At 20th level the dragon warriors transformation into a dragon is completed. The dragon warrior gains the following benefits:

  • Dragon Senses (Ex): The dragon warriors darkvision increases to 120 feet, blindsense increases to 60 feet.
  • Dragon Type: The dragon warrior gains the dragon type.
  • Ability Score Increases (Ex): The dragon warriors ability scores gain the following increases: Strength +8, Constitution +6, Intelligence +2, Charisma +2.
Note for Dragon Warrior Natural Weapons
A dragon warriors natural weapons are eated as masterwork weapons for the purposes of enchanting and can be enchanted normally just like regular weapons can be but each natural weapon must be enchanted separately. Example: If a dragon warrior wanted to make their bite, 2 claws, tail, and 2 wings +1 weapons it would cost them 12,000 GP to do this, 2,000 GP for a +1 enhancement x 6 weapons.

Forest Dragon Warrior

These dragon warriors are masters of the forest, moving without hindrance through even the thickest parts of the forest.

Breath Weapon (Su): A forest dragon warriors breath weapon is a cone of corrosive gas that deals acid damage. Forest dragon warriors can choose to have their breath weapon not affect plants.

Energy Resistance (Ex): Forest dragons gain resistance to acid & earth 10 + dragon warrior class.

Spell Affinity: create water, command plants, diminish plants, entangle, plant growth, speak with animals, speak with plants.

Spells Known: A forest dragon warrior can choose spells from the Sorcerer/Wizard and Druid spell lists, spells from the druid spell list are cast as arcane spells.

Level 1: Swim Speed (Ex): Forest dragon warriors possess a swim speed equal to their base land speed.

Level 3: Water Breathing (Ex): A forest dragon warrior can breathe underwater indefinitely and can freely use their breath weapon, spells, and other abilities while submerged.

Level 5: Woodland Stride (Ex): Forest dragon warriors can move through any sort of foliage at full speed without taking damage or suffering impairment. Areas of foliage that have been magically manipulated affect the dragon warrior normally.

Level 7: Trackless Step (Ex): A forest dragon warrior does not leave a trail in natural surroundings and cannot be tracked. The dragon warrior can choose to leave a trail, if they so desire.

Level 9: Climb Speed (Ex): The dragon warrior gains a climb speed equal to their base land speed.

Level 11: Poison Immunity (Ex): Immune to poisons.

Level 13: Entangle at-will (Sp): A forest dragon warrior can use the entangle spell as an at-will spell-like ability.

Level 15: Burrow speed (Ex): The dragon warrior gains a burrow speed equal to 1/2 their base land speed.

Level 17: Camouflage (Ex): A forest dragon warrior can use the Stealth skill to hide in any sort of natural terrain, even if the terrain does not grant cover or concealment.

Level 19: Plant Growth at-will (Sp): A forest dragon warrior can use the plant growth spell as an at-will spell-like ability.